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Hosting costs... 

Experienced host families know that hosting can be expensive. The program fees for first-time Ameripair™ host families are $8900 per year. This fee does not include the weekly wages host families are required to pay. The weekly wages should at minimum be in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), plus any state requirements. This amount must be agreed upon in writing.  Additionally, host families must pay $700 toward education and cover expenses for commuting to school. The weekly payment to the Ameripair, program fees, and education contribution are only a fraction of what host families can expect to spend. The program fees cover certain expenses such as orientation, administrative support, ongoing training, mentorship for the Ameripair™, and travel to and from the host family.

While certain costs will vary from state to state, it's important for our host families and Ameripairs™ to understand that hosting expenses ADD UP. Host families are expected to cover basic living expenses for their Ameripair™, including car insurance, utilities, cell/data plan, gas for commuting to school, wear and tear on the car, groceries, basic consumables, and toiletries.

Many host families provide performance-based bonuses, include their childcare provider on vacations, and ensure they have enjoyable holidays and birthdays. The Ameripair™ LLC program fees are slightly lower than those in the J1 visa program, and car insurance may be lower without a foreign driver. However, the overall cost of hosting with Ameripair™ may be higher due to required contributions to FUTA, Social Security, and any other state requirements. We encourage host families to use a payroll system or service that withholds and files on their behalf. While we're happy to assist with setup, the cost is not covered in program fees.

It's important to be familiar with overtime regulations for your state and to provide the Ameripair with adequate time off for rest, leisure activities, schoolwork, and internship obligations. In the interest of our mantra, “More flexibility, less drama©,” we do not cap the hours the Ameripair is permitted to work for the host family in a given day or week, provided the extra hours and compensation are agreed upon in advance and comply with FLSA and any local or state regulations.

Payroll-related costs vary by state, but we're committed to making it as easy as possible for you. In the spirit of the program, we aim to keep our costs low enough that American families can experience the joys of hosting without being "priced out." We offer contract extension fees well below industry norms and discounts for returning host families. Please ask your APM about possible discounts or promotions at the time of matching.

Host families must provide the Ameripair™ with at least two weeks of paid time off at their normal weekly rate. While the host family may dictate which weeks will be vacation, the Ameripair’s preferences should be taken into consideration. Sufficient notice should be given so the Ameripair™ can plan their vacation. Minimally, host families will need to provide their Ameripair™ with their normal weekly pay, even for weeks in which the Ameripair did not work due to approved vacation, illness, or other mutually agreed-upon circumstances. Like any childcare program, it's important to have a contingency plan for unforeseen circumstances.

  • Ameripair Program 12 month program

    First time clients welcoming their first Ameripair™
    • Paid in full 30 days prior to arrival
    • 52 Program Weeks
    • Does not include Au Paradise Services
  • Partial Year Contract Extension

    up to 40 additional program weeks with current Ameripair
    • Ameripair Program 12 month extension

      52 additional Program Weeks with Current Match
      • Summer Only Ameripair

        14 Program weeks with new or existing Ameripair
        • Program fees for Summer only-Ameripairs are nonrefundable
        • (Includes Au Paradise Matching Support)
      • Nanny Vetting and Placement Only

        Valid for one month
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