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After years of building connections with host families across the USA, we've uncovered a diverse array of cultures, each distinct to its region. Many of our host families and aspiring Ameripairs™ are bilingual, presenting valuable opportunities for cultural exchange. We are actively recruiting skilled caregivers from Puerto Rico, NMI, Guam, and the Hawaiian Islands.​Furthermore, we are dedicated to enriching the experience by linking Ameripairs™ with host families from various backgrounds in different regions, including:​

  • The expansive landscapes of Texas

  • The rich Cajun and Creole traditions

  • Native American customs in the Midwest

  • The captivating West Virginia

  • The motto-driven "Show Me State" of Missouri

  • Mètis French influence in North Dakota

  • The proud Yankees of New England

  • Inuit Alaskan traditions

  • The charming Southern hospitality throughout Dixie


Our goal is to facilitate meaningful cultural exchanges by connecting Ameripairs™ with families eager to provide such opportunities. We're committed to preserving the essence of a beloved program, offering more flexibility, less drama, and creating genuine opportunities for young adults already eligible to work in the USA.​Spark Your Ameripair™ adventure! Click 'Ignite Your Journey' to take the first step – Whether You're an Aspiring Ameripair™ or an excited Host Family, we're looking forward to hearing from you!​  

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