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Information for Host Families

As many host families consider leaving the J1 VISA Au Pair program, we are happy to provide an alternative with More flexibility, less drama©. We love to facilitate cultural exchanges and encourage all participants to enjoy sharing in each other's traditions. We recruit from all over the USA, the Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, NMI and the US Virgin Islands. When your Ameripair™ arrives, he or she will have undergone a rigorous application and vetting process, so you can feel confident about the person you are welcoming in your home.  Ameripairs™ are already eligible to work in the USA. When they arrive with their host family, they have an SSN, bank account, and verified clean driving record. Our host families will never have to deal with the stress of embassy appointments or VISA denials.


At this time, we are only accepting families referred to us by our external partners at Au Paradise LLC or referred by an existing Ameripair™ client. 

Interested in becoming an Ameripair Host Family? Here is how: 


Initial Engagement with Au Paradise

Contact our external partners at Au Paradise LLC and sign up for a host family consultation. They will meet with you to learn all about your family and your preferences for your ideal candidate. Au Paradise will be able to answer any questions you have about Ameripair LLC and other childcare options. They encourage their clients to be "open to agency" to increase the likelihood of finding the most compatible match.


Premium Matching 

Once you have signed your contract with Au Paradise, they will handle the hard part of matching for you. Au Paradise has full access to Ameripair™ LLC’s candidate pool. Using their proprietary process, they will screen and interview extensively on your behalf until they have found a candidate meeting all your criteria. Then, you will interview and truly get to know the candidate. Each candidate will only be presented to one host family at a time. This ensures adequate time and flexibility to get to know each other without the pressure of competing with other host families (again, embracing our mantra of "More Flexibility, Less Drama ©"). You'll get to skip the burdensome profile creation process, portals, rejections and unanswered connection requests. Skip disappointing interviews, poorly vetted candidates, and perk shoppers. In other words, skip the drama!


Sealing the Deal

Once you have a match, Au Paradise connects you with your Ameripair Program Manager (APM), who guides you through the rest of the process, providing support every step of the way. You will need to pass a background check and provide a short video tour of the Ameripair’s accommodations. Your APM will provide you with a comprehensive host family agreement and answer any remaining questions you may have. You will pay the program fees for a 12-month contract thirty days prior to arrival. 

Ready to get started?

More details about our program: 

How does AmeriPair provide support to au pairs and host families?

Our Ameripair Program Managers (APMs) play a pivotal role in facilitating a positive experience for both au pairs and host families. APMs offer personalized mentorship, regularly checking in with both parties to address any concerns and provide guidance. They act as a bridge between au pairs and host families, fostering connections within the local community and offering assistance with any program-related nuances. Ameripairs receive ongoing feedback and mentorship from their APMs. This feedback is informed by candid conversations with the host family, ensuring that it remains relevant and constructive. Our aim is to support Ameripairs in their personal and professional development, guiding them week by week and month by month towards their individual goals. While they will receive orientation on the front end, the majority of training occurs throughout the program year, keeping the Ameripair engaged and working towards their goals.

How does Ameripair LLC assist host families in navigating the program?

Host families can rely on our APMs as a valuable resource for addressing any challenges or questions that may arise during the program. Whether it's providing advice on hosting nuances or helping navigate differences between AmeriPair and J-1 visa programs, our APMs are there to offer objective support and guidance. Additionally, we ensure that even the most experienced host families have access to multiple backups for assistance whenever needed.

What if I have specific topics I want to discuss?

Rest assured, we will never leave you hanging. Our APMs are readily available to address any topics or concerns you may have, and they're supported by an entire team, in case the APM is ever unavailable. Whether you're seeking guidance on a specific topic or just need a sounding board, we're here to provide the support you need throughout the term. We prioritize the success of every match we facilitate and are committed to doing all in our power to ensure a successful placement. In the rare event that a match doesn't meet expectations and needs to be dissolved, we handle next steps regarding continued participation in the program on a case-by-case basis. Generally, a rematch is unlikely. We encourage all host families to review our financial agreement prior to joining, ensuring clarity and transparency. We take pride in our refund policy, which we believe is the fairest and most consumer-friendly in the industry. This policy reflects our commitment to prioritizing the satisfaction and well-being of both our host families and Ameripairs™.

What about paid time off? 

You must provide the Ameripair™ with at least two weeks of paid time off (per 52 program weeks) at their normal weekly rate. The host family may dictate which weeks will be vacation, but the Ameripair’s preferences should be taken into consideration. Sufficient notice should be given so the Ameripair™ can plan their vacation. Minimally, host families will need to provide their Ameripair™ $210 per week, even for weeks in which the Ameripair did not work due to approved vacation, illness, or other mutually agreed-upon circumstances. Like any childcare program, you should have a contingency plan for unforeseen circumstances.

What are the costs and what is covered?

The program fees for each term-contract can be found using the link below. We go beyond just recruiting, vetting, and placing; our program emphasizes ongoing engagement, mentorship, and tailored support throughout the entire program duration. The program fees cover our costs with recruiting quality candidates, our extensive proprietary vetting process, ongoing mentorship for each Ameripair, support for the program participants, and travel to and from the host family’s home. We also provide Ameripairs with appreciation bonuses following successful program completion. We hope you, the host family, will provide performance based bonuses throughout the year. As this is not a stipend program, overall costs may vary depending on the host family's state. Minimally, host families will need to pay their Ameripair™ $210 per week, even for vacation weeks. If you wish, we will help get you set up with an easy and intuitive payroll service that handles withholdings, employer contributions, state, and federal filing on your behalf. The payroll-related costs vary by location, but we are happy to make it all as easy as possible for you.

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